Сlanity Airdrop prize pool is worth $500 in ADA coins for 10 random lucky winners.

About Сlanity

Clanity is the first blockchain technology that attempts to simplify and efficiently reward a large number of individuals who make subjective contributions to local businesses all around the world with a universal utility token. Clanity plans to create platforms that are beautifully designed, simple and easy to use yet very well architectured and robust for both tech-savvy and non-technical users. Clanity is featured on DigitalJournal.com.

The Clanity token “$CLAN” is a Cardano native token with a total fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. There is also a 200 limited edition NFT collection granting an interest rate as high as 15% APY.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Сlanity Airdrop”

  1. Login to the Clanity Airdrop gleam page.
  2. Join Clanity on Discord & Telegram.
  3. Follow @Clanityofficial on Twitter.
  4. Visit Clanity.com & Sign-up.
  5. Invite friends to earn extra entries.

▪️ Rewards: 10 prizes of 50$ in $ADA. Good Luck!

Estimated value ~$ 500 Prize pool



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