Augmented Finance is airdropping 2,500,000 $AGF tokens (~$ 1,320,000) to early users who supply any assets to lending pools on Avalanche.

About Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a next-gen DeFi liquidity protocol with full cross-chain compatibility to merge the liquidity across all chains and let users lend and borrow on various chains simultaneously. They build the foundation for multichain liquidity and are aspiring to support a long-tail of emerging digital assets to let users put these assets to work while maintaining exposure to their long-term value.

Augmented Finance is up and running on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain since Oct 2021, and deploying on Avalanche.

Fair launch: no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no ICO, no VC allocation. Unlike Aave and Compound where the majority of tokens are distributed to ICO participants or Venture Capital funds, the majority of $AGF tokens are distributed to the Augmented Finance protocol’s users who actively use the protocol (borrow, supply, stake). 

Total Airdrop Allocation 2,500,000 $AGF, Airdrop End Date 28 February, 2022

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Augmented Finance Airdrop”

  1. Connect to the Augmented Finance App.
  2. Supply any supported assets to lend/borrow and earn the highest yields on the 13 most popular tokens on Avalanche.
  3. Follow @AugmentedFin on Twitter.
  4. Like & Retweet the pinned Tweet & @Tag 5 friends with the hashtags #Airdrop #AugmentedFinance #AGF #AVAX.
  5. Join Augmented Finance Telegram.
  6. Join Augmented Finance Discord.
  7. After the Airdrop period end, you’ll be able to claim your $AGF rewards via the Augmented Finance app Dashboard.Your share of the Airdrop reward pool depends on:

    (1) Distribution will be weighted by the amount of assets supplied and the period assets stay in the lending pools.

    (2) When you supply assets. The earlier you supply assets to the lending pools, the larger share of the Airdrop reward pool you get.

▪️ Complete the tasks before 28 February 2022 at 3 pm UTC to be eligible to claim the Airdrop. The earlier you do the tasks, the more $AGF tokens you will receive. Detailed information about the Airdrop in this Medium article.

Estimated value ~$ 1,320,000 Prize pool

Total Supply 100,000,000 $AGF, Blockchain Networks Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche, MarketsPangolin & Trader Joe


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