BovineVerse & DeGame Airdrop Giveaway prize pool is worth 500,000 $BVG tokens.

About BovineVerse

BovineVerse is a new Fi+ metaverse platform in the era of Web 3.0. Among the multiple parallel worlds in BovineVerse, they will successively release 3 creative and interesting games on-chain and apply DAO governance to the virtual social networks, crossing games and offering high flexibility. At the same time, players can own their bovine animals to socialize, adventure and create, building a diverse and colorful world together. Play to Earn!

$BVG is the game currency that can be obtained by participating in the game, airdrops, miningstaking Bovine Heroes, etc. After the game goes online, players can obtain BVG for free through tasks like PVE. BVG can be used to purchase gaming items and proceed with transactions, etc.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”BovineVerse x DeGame Airdrop”

  1. Login to the BovineVerse x DeGame Airdrop Gleam page.
  2. Follow @BovineVerse & @DeGame_l2y on Twitter.
  3. Join BovineVerse & DeGame on Telegram.
  4. Join BovineVerse & DeGame on Discord.
  5. Visit the BovineVerse YouTube channel.
  6. Visit the BovineVerse Website & Medium.
  7. Refer friends to earn Extra Entries.

▪️ 500,000 $BVG tokens will be distributed among all participants based on their entries.


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