To celebrate its launch, Einstein is giving away a massive Airdrop whereby every participant can win up to 470 USD worth of points, airdropped to supporters who help spread the good word about Einstein!

Einstein Smart Dog Society NFT Lottery Airdrop grant you a chance to win exclusive NFTs! Every day, Einstein releases 50 NFTs in lottery prizes. Each one is a unique digital artwork and includes a cool ‘four-legged friend’ on its front, champing at the bit to meet its new owner and start earning you an income! Click here to see the amazing Einstein NFT Collection.

About Einstein

Einstein is an innovative and fair DeFi project with incredible earning potential through staking, farming, and an exclusive NFT Lottery. Einstein is featured on

EINSTEIN is the native token of Polkadog, a frictionless DeFi cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain. By buying and holding Einstein tokens, you earn points to enter the daily NFT Lottery – with thousands of cool NFTs up for grabs. The EINSTEIN Token is already tradable on PancakeSwap.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Einstein Smart Dog Society NFT Lottery Airdrop”

  1. Login to the Einstein Smart Dog Society NFT Lottery Airdrop page.
  2. Join Einstein on Discord, Telegram Channel and Group.
  3. Follow @_EINSTEINISBACK on Twitter & Retweet A Tweet, Tag 3 friends and comment on a relevant question about Einstein.
  4. Complete additional tasks to earn extra lottery points and you’ll be eligible to claim your share!
  5. Submit your BSC wallet address and details to the Sweepwidget page.
  6. Refer friends (maximum 200) and for each successful referral, receive 2 USD worth of points.

▪️ To earn more points through Staking and Farming Einstein tokens, head over to the Polkadog dashboard!

$Missed $APE? Don’t miss Einstein, the exclusive collection of 10K Smart Dog Society NFTs. Get free lottery tokens worth up to $470 to participate in the daily NFT Lottery (to win Smart Dog Society NFT) which are worth at least 1 $ETH up to 5 ETH each. Einstein: The best thing since a Bored Ape is a Smart Dog! Meet the crafty canine, Einstein – and he is about to launch his exclusive lottery with 10,000 unique NFTs up for grabs!


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