Goons of Balatroon Airdrop prize pool is worth 100,000 $GOB tokens to be distributed among 1,000 random lucky winners.

About Goons of Balatroon

Goons of Balatroon is a virtual world where players can engage in strategic battles with a carefully crafted deck of cards. It is a place where players can choose to join either the Bulas or the Bairs faction and find the Goon that is right for them as they navigate through the challenges presented by the elements on the battlefield. Players can earn $GOB, the in-game currency that fuels the entire Goon ecosystem, by simply playing the upcoming Goon Play2Earn game. Build your own Deck and prepare for Battle!

Goon Avatar NFTs and Goon Bods NFTs generate GOB token rewards daily, as long as they are delisted from marketplaces such as OpenSea and held in a cold wallet. There’s no need to perform any further actions or spend any gas. It is that simple! These NFTs are the backbone of the upcoming Play2Earn game!

Total Airdrop Allocation 100,000 $GOB, Number of Winners 1,000 random lucky winners, Airdrop Deadline 17 April, 2022

Step-by-Step Guide ”Goons of Balatroon Airdrop”

  1. Login to the Goons of Balatroon Airdrop Gleam page.
  2. Follow @GoonsNFT on Twitter & Retweet this Tweet.
  3. Join Goons of Balatroon on Discord & Telegram.
  4. Follow Goons of Balatroon on Twitch Tv & Instagram.
  5. Visit and connect your Metamask wallet to the Goons of Balatroon website.
  6. Submit your Metamask wallet address and details to the Gleam page.
  7. Invite your friends to earn extra entries.

▪️ Additionally, users may opt to stake $GOB and receive additional rewards for stabilizing the economy or leasing their Goon NFT to other players and sharing their game rewards.

▪️ HODL a Goon and earn 10 $GOB tokens per day. HODL a Bod and earn 10 tokens per day. HODL a Goon+Bod and earn 22 tokens per day!



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