HolyGrail Markets Giveaway prize pool is worth 400 $USDT tokens for 10 random lucky winners to celebrate the HolyGrail markets launch.

About HolyGrail Markets

HolyGrail Markets is the ultimate DeFi options trading platform that offers AMM lending, Binary options trading, DAO index investing, and AMM gamification capabilities – all in a single protocol, powered by Solana.

HolyGrail Markets allows you to trade binary options with zero commission fees, simply by staking into the Investable AMM program. When you stake HGMA tokens you get double the rewards of a regular staking program. This means extra binary options, additional HGMA tokens, and lottery rewards – every day.

When you stake into Investable AMM you get $HGMA tokens in addition to $HLP tokens. You can then stake HLP tokens into binary options for selected DeFi outcomes, with top forecasters winning weekly USD Coin prizes. You can also Invest In DAO Index Funds With HGMA Tokens.

Total Prize Pool 400 $USDT, Winners 10 Lucky Random Winners, Giveaway End Date 25 April 2022

Step-by-Step Guide ”HolyGrail Markets Giveaway

  1. Login to the HolyGrail Markets Giveaway page.
  2. Follow @HolyMarkets on Twitter & Retweet the Giveaway Announcement Tweet.
  3. Join HolyGrail Markets on Discord & Telegram.
  4. Follow HolyGrail Markets on Medium.
  5. Sign up for the Newsletter.

▪️ 10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to get 400 $USDT. Good Luck!



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