HYDRA-X Airdrop is worth 100 $HDX coins each (~$ 100) for 999 lucky winners & 1 lucky winner will get 10,000 $HDX coins (~$ 10,000).


HYDRA-X is a revolutionary fast, efficient, and secure peer-to-peer electronic cash system that allows you to send money over the internet, without any restrictions. HYDRA-X is decentralized Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain, open-source, and gives users full control over their funds.

  • OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE – The software (wallet) is open source, so its safety can be audited.
  • FAST TRANSACTIONS – It is extremely fast, you can send (HDX) to anyone in the world within seconds.
  • ANONYMOUS – Anyone can run the wallet and transact with anonymity. No personal identifying information.

HYDRA-X is a Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain. Everyone can become a full node and stake HYDRA-X (HDX) to value his coins while helping to maintain the network. 

Every computer is capable of STAKING! The performance of the computer does not matter The only thing required is an internet connection and supported operating system (Mac OS 10.13+ x86_64, Windows x86_64, Linux 18.04 x86_64).

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”HYDRA-X Airdrop”

  1. Login to the HYDRA-X Airdrop page.
  2. Follow @Hydraxcoin on Twitter & Retweet.
  3. Follow @Hydraxcoin on Instagram.
  4. Follow @Hydraxcoin on Reddit.
  5. Perform additional tasks to earn extra entries.
  6. Submit your HDX wallet address and details to the Sweepwidget page.

Estimated value ~$ 110,000 Prize pool




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airdrops March 7, 2022 4:28 pm
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Strong project, I think we’ll hear about it!