Myria’s inaugural NFT collection is here! And it’s FREE for all early community members (new and existing) as a way to say thank you for the support as they continue to build the incredible Myria blockchain gaming platform. Claim your Free NFT rewards for a limited time!

About Myria

Myria is a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2, built to empower digital assets, NFTs and blockchain gaming. Play and earn rewards and NFTs!

The Alliance Sigil NFTs form part of the intricate lore of the Myriaverse and will signify where each holder chooses to stand in the fight against “The Rift” — a powerful force that consumes real worlds and mutates them into digital ones. The Sigil NFT will also grant holders additional access and utility, which will be revealed at a later date. $MYRIA Node & Token coming soon!

Step-by-Step Guide ”Myria Free Alliance Sigil NFT Drop

  1. Head to Myria Sigil NFT Drop page.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet & Choose your Alliance wisely! This decision is permanent. Once you choose your alliance you cannot change it!
  3. You will be taken to the NFT Rewards screen where you can complete missions (e.g. create an account, join discord) to earn credits and claim your free Sigil NFT and other rewards for Free.
  4. Keep completing missions to unlock additional rare rewards! The more missions you complete, the more credits you earn to unlock rewards.
  5. Once you have enough points for your chosen reward, click “Claim Now“. Congratulations, you have officially entered the Myriaverse.

▪️ Earn 20 points for each successful friend invite. You will earn 20 points each time a friend completes both Alliance selection and Myria account creation via your invite link.

▪️ Your rewards will remain on your inventory until they are ready to be Minted onto the Myria Layer 2.


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