Orbofi is airdropping Tokenized Alpha Pass to more than 100,000 Ethereum and Polygon wallets as they’re approaching the launch of the Public Alpha.

An Alpha pass should not be monetized, it should be gifted. As a massively open and inclusive social metaverse, it is a duty to stay true to the values we stand by, and to the vision of the digital world that Orbofi is building.

About Orbofi

Orbofi is the world’s first Social Metaverse crossed with social tokens – where everyone, every community, and every DAO can create their own AR/VR virtual worlds and their own social tokens. Socialize-and-earn in the Metaverse.

The Lands, community-token contracts and virtual worlds are deployed on EVM blockchains, starting with Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche. The Orbofi Land will take 10 years to fully unlock. The only way for it to expand is by having people and communities building it. The HOMELAND is the initial unlocked Area, the starting point of the Orbofi Social Metaverse.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Orbofi Alpha Pass Airdrop

  1. Visit the Orbofi Alpha Pass Airdrop form.
  2. Follow @Orbofi_Society on Twitter.
  3. Join Orbofi on Discord & Telegram.
  4. Follow Orbofi on LinkedIn.
  5. Follow Orbofi on Reddit.
  6. Submit your Metamask wallet address where you would like to receive the NFT and details to the Form.

▪️ You will receive a Free Alpha Pass NFT + The first 10,000 users will also get free $OBI tokens. Keep in mind that this is the Alpha pass Airdrop (not an ERC-20) – this is to gift the alpha pass and invite people to try the public Alpha, and just enjoy the Metaverse.

** Earn by Socializing in the Metaverse – Create or join a community Orb, build up a virtual land and virtual experiences, and earn $OBI, $ETH, $AVAX, or $MATIC from Social token sales, Land Sales, Collectible Sales, and in the future, in-community Ads.

** Orbofi is organizing a private testing session of the gameplay, where early community members will play and explore the land live with the Orbofi team, in a room capped at 16 people. the first 16 people who sign up will get onboard and will have special treatments. Fill up the Form!



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