RAX World is giving away 100 Allowlist spots + 100 Free Mystery Boxes to 100 lucky winners to announce the upcoming launch of RAX World, the first action sports and street culture-based meta destination.

About RAX World

RAX World is a meta destination entirely dedicated to extreme sports and street culture in which you’ll be able to interact with pro athletes and brands, enjoy unique exhibitions, mint NFTs in a transparent, recurring and sustainable way, and more.

In RAX World, NFTs are digital assets that can be used to equip your avatar. Depending on the NFT you own, you have the possibility to either get a boost, which will improve your avatar’s abilities; get special traits; or just a little more style, to really mark your difference. You’ll find clothes, hats, boards, other sports equipment, and many more.

Through your avatar, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and walk freely through the different worlds that make up RAX. Among them:

1. The skate park: The promised land of skateboard fans. Here, you can have fun riding the different indoor and outdoor skate parks. While riding, your avatar will develop new skills and be able to challenge other users. And if you get good at it, you will even have the chance to challenge pro athletes!

On top of that, you will be able to explore a wide range of skate stores, and mint NFTs, enjoy unique exhibitions, and much more.

2. The surf park: Same mood but in the water this time. Here, you will be able to tackle the most beautiful waves and show off your surfing skills, meet and interact with pro athletes, chill out… The choice is yours! (And, of course, enjoy the same animations as in the skate park and all the other parks).

3. The snow park: After land and water, moving on to snow. Same concept, but here, it’s all about going down the slopes…or going off track! In a slightly colder world, winter sports fans that you are will be delighted to enjoy an environment that’ll make you feel at home!

4. Parabolica: The temple of engine lovers. This is where the smell of engine oil and exhaust fumes dominates. In the garage, you can tune up your ride, challenge other drivers and see who can best speak to the ear of his machine.

Airdrop End Date 20th June 2022, Rewards distribution 27th June 2022

Step-by-Step Guide ”RAX World Giveaway”

  1. Login to the RAX World Giveaway page.
  2. Follow @Raxworld_io on Twitter & Retweet this Tweet.
  3. Join RAX World on Telegram.
  4. Join RAX World on Discord.
  5. Invite friends to earn extra entries.

▪️ Free Mystery Boxes come with one of the first 100 NFTs of RAX World’s first Drop inside. The first NFT Drop is expected in June 2022.

▪️ Allowlist spots grant Early access to BETA and DEMO versions + Early access to the next NFT drops + Exclusive NFT sneak peeks + Access to special AMAs.

** RAX will be hosting various giveaways during the next months, and some of them can provide you with special benefits! Join RAX World Allowlist giveaway #1 to earn a Mystery Box, Airdrops and allowlist entries by completing actions. RAX is giving players a chance to get involved in RAX World from the get-go.


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