Realms of Ethernity Airdrop prize pool is worth 1,000,000 $RoETH tokens.

About Realms of Ethernity

Realms of Ethernity (ROE) is a massively multiplayer online simulation game (MMOSG), a World of Warcraft inspired virtual world filled with hundreds of play-to-earn games where developers and players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using $RoETH, the main utility & governance token of the platform. ROE is being developed by Blue Monster Games, which is a blockchain-focused game studio founded in early 2021.

Inside Realms of Ethernity, players will explore dungeons, fight monsters and complete quests, collecting along the way Gold Coins (GCs), an in-game currency that represents fungible tokens that can be exchanged for existing or newly minted NFTs.

Total Airdrop Allocation 1,000,000 $RETH, KYC KYC is NOT a requirement, Airdrop End Date 6 March, 2022

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Realms of Ethernity Airdrop”

  1. Start the Realms of Ethernity Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join Realms of Ethernity on Telegram. (Mandatory: 20 points)
  3. Join Realms of Ethernity on Discord. (Mandatory: 25 points)
  4. Follow @RealmsofETH on Twitter & Like and retweet this Tweet. (Mandatory: 20 points)
  5. Subscribe to the Realms of Ethernity YouTube channel. (Mandatory: 15 points)
  6. Follow Realms of Ethernity on Instagram.
  7. Complete optional tasks to earn additional points.
  8. Submit your Metamask wallet address and details to the Bot.
  9. Invite your friends to earn 10 points for each referral.

▪️ All participants will share a total Airdrop pool worth 1,000,000 $RoETH tokens.

▪️ The Airdrop tokens will be distributed to your ERC20 wallet. Distribution will begin after TGE by end of March 2022.

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