Retreeb Staking Airdrop program is worth up to 25% APR by staking at least $200 worth of $TREEB tokens.

$50k Airdrop coming to everyone who will Stake the coins. This is a Fantom gem you don’t want to miss. The only ethical payment project!

About Retreeb

Retreeb is a Swiss Fintech company Founded in 2019 that reinvents decentralized payment using Fantom Opera network to pay, simple, practical, economical and acting in accordance with the universal values of ethics and solidarity by placing corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) at the heart of their business model and ambitions.

Retreeb commits its users to pay 33% of the transaction fees collected by Retreeb for the funding of social and environmental projects.

The Retreeb payment protocol uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) data structure powered by a two-asset system: (s)Treeb & (u)Treeb. This technology has the advantage of securing transactions using cryptographic processes while freeing itself from “miners”, nodes usually responsible for the calculation.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Retreeb Staking Airdrop Program

  1. Go to the Retreeb Staking Platform & Create a Retreeb account.
  2. Connect to your Metamask wallet. Make sure you are connected to the Fantom Opera Network.
  3. Choose your Pool & Enter the amount you want to stake in the field and click on the “Stake” button.
  4. Click on the “Approve TREEB” button and confirm the transaction in Metamask and wait a few seconds. When you see the pop up that’s it, you’re done! Congratulations!
  5. You need to stake AT LEAST $200 worth of $TREEB tokens to be eligible. If the conditions are ok, you will receive your airdrop at the next snapshot.

▪️ Each pool has a different lock-up period. The Staking Options are stipulated below:

  1. Quick Pool — 9% APR — locked until May 14th (6 months).
  2. Mid Pool — 12% APR — locked until August 12th (9 months).
  3. Deep Pool — 25% APR — locked until November 15th (12 months).

▪️ Once the lock-up period is over, Click on the “Claim” button to claim your rewards. If you have questions, they will gladly help you on Telegram.

Please note that for the sake of security, each pool is on a different smart contract. You’ll have to approve TREEB several times if you want to stake on several pools. 

Estimated value n/a

Total Supply 1 BILLION $TREEB, Blockchain Ethereum, Markets Public Sale


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