Step App Pre-Signup campaign is Now Live; Join to Earn $KCAL tokens + FAT points & Free SNEAKs NFTs for the lucky $FITFI token Stackers via a Fair Lottery.

This Fair Airdrop Token Distribution program will help Step App secure a million active users on launch day, and have the community play a role in the #RoadTo10Million.

About Step App

Step App is creating a gamified metaverse for the Fitness economy. Walk, jog, and run to socialize, play, and earn. It is the next joint frontier in the Metaverse and GameFi market, and an embodiment of physical experiences tied with the metaverse.

$KCAL tokens are the game asset. Used to mint & maintain NFTs, among other functions.

$FITFI tokens are the governance token, these benefit hodlers from ecosystem fees via staking.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Step.App Pre-Signup campaign

  1. Visit the Step.App Pre-Signup page.
  2. Signup with your Email address for the fair distribution of $KCAL.
  3. Submit your Avalanche wallet address.
  4. Begin earning FAT Points. You get some when you sign-up. More are trickled every day.
  5. You can earn much, much more FAT Points by referring people to the App. As you refer people to the ecosystem, your daily FAT Point trickle will get multiplied.

▪️ At genesis, the acquired FAT Points can be converted to $KCAL tokens. The FAT Point burn will require some $FITFI tokens. This is to ensure bots don’t plague the system.

▪️ The Staking campaign begins with Lootboxes. Rather than sell the first SNEAKs NFTs to the community, they maintain their community-centric approach and offer these For FREE to the early adopters.

Earn One Drop Tickets (DT) for every 100 $FITFI token staked per 24H. The detailed rules of the event are available on the updated Staking page. They opted for this model to value the early adopters of the Step ecosystem. Get ready for Lootboxes, Brand drops, yield, and more! 


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