Tangible is giving away 50,000 vested $TNGBL allocations across 4 campaigns ($100,000 at ILO Value). Each campaign targets specific community growth needs and ways that participants can get involved and get rewarded!

About Tangible

Tangible is a TNFT (“Tangible non-fungible token”) marketplace that converts real-world assets into Polygon NFTs that can be redeemed for the physical item at any time.

On Tangible, anyone can use cryptocurrency to purchase valuable physical goods from the world’s leading suppliers. Upon the purchase of an asset listed on Tangible, a TNFT is minted, representing the physical item. The physical item is then sent to one of Tangible’s secure and insured storage facilities, and the TNFT is sent to the buyer’s wallet.

At any time, the owner of the TNFT can redeem it for the physical item, transfer it to another wallet, or sell it on Tangible’s marketplace. The TNFT is a liquid, tradable and redeemable asset, represented by an on-chain NFT.

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Tangible Bounty”

▪️ Giveaway Campaign (50%25,000 vested $TNGBL):

  1. Visit the Tangible Bounty page.
  2. Follow @TangibleDAO on Twitter & Retweet this Tweet.
  3. Join Tangible on Discord & Telegram.
  4. Submit your Polygon wallet address to the Gleam page. 1,000 winners chosen at random will automatically Win 5 Vested $TNGBL Tokens.

▪️ Invite Campaign (21%10,500 vested $TNGBL):

  1. Invite 5 Friends to Join Discord (Bounty: 12.5 TNGBL)
  2. Invite 5 Friends to Join Telegram (Bounty: 12.5 TNGBL)
  3. Top 5 Discord Invite Competition (Bounty: 50 TNGBL)
  4. Top 5 Telegram Invite Competition (Bounty: 50 TNGBL)

▪️ Share Campaign (9%4,500 vested $TNGBL):

  1. Share TangibleDao content to a Telegram group you are in (Bounty: 12.5 TNGBL)
  2. Retweet 3 posts (Bounty: 12.5 TNGBL)

▪️ Giveaway Campaign (20%10,000 vested $TNGBL):

  1. Create a Youtube video (Bounty: 500 TNGBL)
  2. Post a thread (Bounty: 50 TNGBL)
  3. Create/Post a Meme (Bounty: 12.5 TNGBL)

** 50,000 vested $TNGBL tokens ($100,000 at ILO Value) will be distributed proportionally. More information here.

Estimated value ~$ 100,000 Prize pool

Known Max Supply 33,333,333 $TNGBL, Blockchain Polygon, Markets ILO (1 $TNGBL = $2)



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