Tidex Airdrop prize pool is worth up to 20,000,000 $TDX tokens (~$ 2,000,000).

About Tidex

TIDEX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) with a long history and experience, dating back to 2017 – co-founded by Alexander Ivanov, the creator and CEO of the Waves cryptocurrency – which raised in 2016 with the help of ICO 30,000 BTC (16 million USD at that time). Tidex is featured on Yahoo Finance & NewsBTC.com.

The $TDX token is an exchange service token with unlimited growth potential! DeFi services. User-friendly interface. Metaverse and launchpad soon!

Total Airdrop Allocation up to 20,000,000 $TDX (~$ 2,000,000), Referral Program 70 $TDX Level 1 + 30 $TDX Level 2, Airdrop End Date 25 May

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”Tidex Airdrop”

  1. Register on TIDEX by May 25th 2022.
  2. Pass KYC & Make a deposit > $20.
  3. Join Tidex on Telegram Channel & Group.
  4. Follow @Tidex_Exchange on Twitter.
  5. Visit Tidex on Facebook & Instagram.
  6. Visit the Tidex YouTube channel.
  7. Verify your participation on the Tidex Airdrop page.

▪️ You will receive 200 $TDX tokens (~$ 20) straight onto your account. Invite friends and get even more:

 💵 70 $TDX (~$ 7) for each Airdrop user you refer;
 💵 30 $TDX (~$ 3) for each Airdrop user your referral brings in.

On 25.05, a TOKEN GENERATION EVENT AIRDROP fund will occur – on which up to 2,000,000 $TDX  will be distributed.

25.11 begins the daily period of the sank, in which another 18,000,000 $TDX is distributed within 18 months.

Estimated value ~$ 2,000,000 Prize pool

Total Supply ~ 98,304,179 $TDX, Launch Date $TDX trading start on 31 May 2022, Initial price 0.10 USD



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