ToastPunk Genesis welcomes students to the Biggest Ever NFT DYOR Student Competition hosted by Warrp. The top 1,000 students that answer first with the most correct answers will win ToastPunk Genesis NFTs from the prize pool worth $400,000 (AUD).

This is Part 1 of the competition where students will learn more about the project, the company and the community.

About ToastPunk Genesis

ToastPunk Genesis is an NFT series collection based on real-life moments with a rarity scale for short to medium-term gains and an ongoing utility benefit as early settlers into ToastPunk World, a 3D & AR virtual world to earn TOA$T passive income in a life and building simulation Play2Earn game.

Watch “Matt” – ToastPunk Founder talking live about his NFT project which is already available on Opensea.

Just like the very first generative digital art collection CryptoPunks by @LarvaLabs, which sells for millions of dollars 4 years after creation, the ToastPunk Genesis collection was created using the same coding methods. However, warrp has introduced a new standard known as scrambled trait art where the collections’ main 10 baseline characters are re-scrambled with traits from one set of its baseline to another forming indistinguishable characters from its former set of popular and well-known characters. A special “Upgradeable” trait provides hodlers with a secondary Airdrop of a new NFT that is able to be used for unlocking perks with the original ToastPunk collection.

Total Airdrop Allocation 1,000 ToastPunk Genesis NFTs, Number of Winners The top 1,000 students that answer first with the most correct answers, KYC KYC is Not a requirement

Requirements to earn free crypto coins…

Step-by-Step Guide ”ToastPunk Genesis Airdrop”

  1. Visit the ToastPunk Genesis Airdrop page.
  2. Provide your school name and country (in brackets) & Enter your name and email address for the winners’ correspondence.
  3. Submit your Metamask wallet address and details to the form.
  4. Watch this Video to commence the competition.
  5. DYOR by following and checking ToastPunk’s tweets posted by the official @ToastPunk Twitter account.
  6. Follow @ToastPunk on Twitter & Turn on Notifications 🔔..
  7. Join the ToastPunk community on Discord & Learn more from the Community.
  8. Submit the final Quiz (30 questions) to complete your competition submission. One entry per student. Multiple choice questions.

▪️ The Top 1,000 students that answer first with the most correct answers will win a ToastPunk Genesis NFT from the prize pool worth $400,000 (AUD).

▪️ Winners will be announced in DiscordTwitter and via Email. Good Luck!

Estimated value ~$ 400,000 Prize pool



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