Unlockd guaranteed special community Airdrop is live for a limited time. Participate now, earn points and receive $UNLK tokens proportionally to your position in the ranking!

About Unlockd

Unlockd is the decentralized cross-chain protocol that provides democratized NFT liquidity and utility for NFT Art, DeFi, Metaverse, Real World and Gaming. Unlockd vision is to help people achieve financial freedom by unlocking the full value of their digital assets.

Hold a potentially x100 asset or sell and secure profit? Enjoy unique perks or buy the most recent dip or NFT Drop? Shine your exclusive PFP or boost your long-term portfolio. Never again you will have to make these choices. Now is the time to unlock the full liquidity of your scarce assets, while maintaining all the utility, perks and benefits of holding them in your wallet.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Unlockd Airdrop”

  1. Visit the Unlockd Airdrop page.
  2. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and email & Sign up. An email will be sent to your inbox to confirm your participation.
  3. Scroll down & Complete simple social tasks to earn points.
  4. Share your referral link to earn 3 extra points for each invitation.

▪️ By participating you will have guaranteed Airdrop: The more points you get, the higher your ranking will be and the more $UNLK tokens you will receive!

** Airdrop will be available for a limited time. To be determined! Join Unlockd on Discord for additional updates.



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